Waterlase dental laser can quickly and safely remove growths or excess tissue in your mouth including gum tissue over an interrupted tooth, small “tags” called papilla, and growths called fibrosis. Another way this laser works is by combining a high-energy laser with air and water in order to vaporize bacteria in the deep periodontal pockets where the bacteria sits and thrives. Once the bacteria is removed, the machine provides a cooling effect so that it can minimize potential discomfort. The laser is then brought to use by sending out beams of energy in order to provide a “vacuum-like seal” between gums and the teeth. This helps the process reduces risks of more infection building up in the future. Also, it helps stimulate the body so that it can accurately heal itself.

Elite Dentistry Center offers a Periodontal Laser Solution for minimally invasive removal of subgingival inflamed tissue and calculus deposits. This procedure is for patients with moderate to advanced gum disease.  The dental laser is used to prepare the pocket and surface of the tooth for healing and new attachment of gum tissue to the root of the tooth.  Most periodontal lasers cut tissue using heat. The Waterlase periodontal laser combines laser energy and a patented spray of water to cut soft tissue and bone without heat, with benefits reported such as less swelling, minimal patient post-op sensitivity, for a better patient experience. The Waterlase laser system is great, because it is known for its precision. Elite Dentistry Center provides treatments that address only the areas that are in need of treatment, preventing harm to the surrounding teeth.


Laser technology has transformed the way specialists treat their patients. Here at Elite Dentistry Center, Dr. Butriy utilizes the Waterlase Laser system for a variety of cosmetic and functional laser treatments. This Waterlase provides a number of great advantages for you if you are in need of treatment because you may be suffering from the following: tooth decay, gum disease, orthodontic gum issues, cosmetic gum concerns, and more. Benefits are the following:

  • Virtually painless treatment- no need for an anesthetic

  • Minimal invasive surgery

  • Reduced bleeding/swelling- during and after treatment

  • Minimal damages to the surrounding tissues

  • No stitches

  • Faster and comfortable recovery