Mercury free dentistry

Metal fillings have been apart of restorative dental care for many years and many dentist still offer metal/silver fillings to their patients as a replacement option.  Patients have many options to consider when choosing their own dental treatment plan and the last thought on their minds is whether their fillings will contain mercury.   Amalgam/Silver fillings can be composed of 50% mercury.  Mercury can be very toxic when stimulating the teeth through eating, brushing and drinking.  Mercury will cause vapors to be released through your whole system.  Toxicity of mercury can cause damage to you brain, lungs and kidneys. 

Elite Dentistry Center a mercury-free Cleveland dental center by allowing patients to have restorative care through composite/nonmetallic restorations.  Not only are we protecting our patients from harmful mercury poisoning, we also protect our staff and the environment from exposure to mercury. 

Elite Dentistry Center has and will continue to offer safe and effective practices to ensure healthy options for our patients.